Starbucks Embraces Tiny Houses With Shipping Container Stores

Care for a venti latte in a tiny house? Well, Starbucks is about to make your dream come true.

(Image credit: Starbucks)

The coffee mega-chain is embracing the tiny house trend by establishing shipping container coffee shops, Delish reports.

The ‘bux actually created their first shipping container store, a 450-square-foot space, back in 2012. Since the Seattle-based company overlooks the Puget Sound, the area was filled with shipping containers, and employees realized that transforming the units would be a highly sustainable method of placing stores in locations that were previously too small. Now, they can grab that skinny vanilla latte from a store no bigger than a two-car garage.

(Image credit: Starbucks)

It seems the design was such a hit that the company has already expanded to 45 stores nationwide. And just this month, they managed to pick up an entire shipping container store with a giant crane, and move the Northglenn, CO store to a new location less than a mile away.

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