11 Mini Weekend Makeovers Anyone Can Pull Off For Cheap

When you think of a home makeover, you probably think of something that takes months and months of time and lots and lots of money. But there are plenty of little projects you can do that will transform the look of your home — and that will only take a few days’ worth of work, and hardly any money at all.

Paint your kitchen cabinets

Doesn’t this kitchen from One Kings Lane look dreamy? It was just an average, unremarkable apartment kitchen, but an all-over coat of pale blue paint completely transforms the space.

Install a tile backsplash

Installing a tile backsplash can have a huge impact on the look of your kitchen — and it’s one of those projects that seems intimidating, but that pretty much anyone can pull off at home. Hannah from Seeds and Stitches added a tile backsplash to her rental kitchen. DIY Network has a great tutorial that will show you how.

Replace your cabinet hardware

If you’re going for minimal effort and maximum impact, you can’t do better than replacing your kitchen hardware. The handles that Kristi Murphy added to her cabinets are IKEA pulls, spray-painted brass.

Replace a bathroom fixture

A new faucet can bring new life to a tired-looking vanity cabinet or poorly functioning shower, and can be surprisingly inexpensive and easy to install. This guide from DIY Network can show you how to do a bathroom sink faucet, and here’s how to swap out a showerhead.

Add a tin backsplash

A pressed tin backsplash, like this one from DIY Network, will add a bit of old-fashioned character to your kitchen — and it’s a project that you can finish in a weekend.

Paint over a vinyl floor

Does your home have one of those old-school vinyl floors that somehow always manages to look dirty? Myquillyn from The Nester covered the floor in her utility room with a coat of grey floor paint, and now the space looks much cleaner and more modern.

Paint inside your cabinets

I love the look of these cabinets from A Beautiful Mess, with a coat of bright blue paint inside. Unless you decide to remove your cabinet doors, no one else will know it’s there besides you (unless they go digging around in your cabinets), but every time you reach for a plate it will put a smile on your face.

Wallpaper inside ‘open’ cabinets

You can also dress up the inside of your kitchen cabinets with wallpaper. This will be an especially impactful choice if you decide to remove the cabinet doors, as seen on Swoonworthy.

Add a frame to your bathroom mirror

A lot of older bathrooms have a big, frameless mirror above the sink, great for checking yourself out but a little bland, design-wise. This tutorial from Cherished Bliss will show you how to add a frame to your bathroom mirror — this one has a bit of a rustic look, but you can also use picture molding if you prefer something fancier.

Reface your kitchen cabinets

Sometimes just painting won’t do the trick, when it’s the detailing of your cabinet doors that makes the difference. I spotted a great trick from Country Woman, via The Lettered Cottage: affix strips of wood to the front of your cabinets to mimic a Shaker look on a serious budget.

Add some pretty paper inside your medicine cabinet

This is probably the easiest of all these projects, and a great way to add some cheer to a dreary bathroom. Get the full instructions at Design Improvised.



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