Twitter Has Strong Feelings About the Oscars’ Extra AF Set

Can an awards show set be “extra”? The stage for the 90th Academy Awards is certainly trying. When designer Derek McLane announced that it would feature 45 million Swarovski crystals, what did you expect? (“By the way, to those of who say we’re a bunch of out of touch Hollywood elites, I’ll have you know that each of the 45 million Swarovski crystals on this stage tonight represents humility,” host Jimmy Kimmel quipped of the over-the-top setting.) And the elaborate, sparkly set hasn’t gone unnoticed on Twitter throughout the ceremony.

Some people pointed out that the sets look pretty… familiar.

Others were making guesses about what the designers and decorators must have been thinking.

And others still were just plain into it, no matter the inspiration.

What did you think of the site of Sunday night’s acceptance speeches?


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