Before and After: This Bedroom Actually Makes Beige Carpet Look Good

When a DIY enthusiast moved from British Columbia to Toronto to be with her husband, she knew something had to be done about his nearly empty bedroom. Perhaps some bedside lights and a few throw pillows? Or would an entirely fresh start—new marriage, new city, new home—be more appropriate?

Now this is a breath of fresh air! This gorgeous makeover was conceived and executed by Kamaldeep kaur Jawanda of Get Kamfortable, and the result is so airily gorgeous. Special shoutout to those amazing, restrained pom poms (can pom poms be minimal?) on the bedding. They add texture and interest to a white palette and are surprisingly sophisticated.

Let’s zoom out to get a view of the entire room…

Here’s what this bedroom had going for it pre-remodel: nice paint color, lots of windows, and cool bedding. Working against it were the dated mirrored bed (no judgement about boudoir mirrors, it’s just that I swear my friend’s parents had this exact bed in the early 80s), randomly placed dining chair, standard rental light fixture, and a total lack of decorative items. Here’s how Kam described it:

When I first moved to Toronto, I needed a place that felt like home. So, I started transforming Gursheel’s blue, very “manly” room into ours! I wanted something that was bright and white that made me happy when I walked in. I also wanted to keep it budget-friendly and DIY as much as I could. I am super happy with how it turned out and every time I walk into our bedroom I smile!

I think that wall paint could have worked with pale wood furnishings, but as it was, the room felt very dark and very serious—and a teeny bit neglected.

Now it’s a glorious retreat obviously designed with love. The new window sheers provide privacy while letting in all the sunlight, the accent wall of wallpaper adds just the right amount of swankiness, the gold accessories carry that glamour throughout the room, the carpeting makes total sense with the new color scheme, and that ceiling light coordinates perfectly with the curtain rods. Painting the IKEA bookshelf and all of the hardware on the dresser and bedside tables gold was a clever move that helped to totally unite the bedroom. Overall, Kam has pulled off something very difficult: a nearly completely white room that feels rich, cozy, comfortable, textured, and luxurious.

This photo might have been taken as the remodeling was getting underway, but it gives a good sense of the emptiness of the room. What did it take to get from “manly” and, um, minimal to fabulous and functional?

The process took 1 month and the total cost of everything including the paint job, wallpaper, furniture, and decorative items was less that $3,000 (CAD)! We did the entire project ourselves and the hardest part was installing the wallpaper!

That’s about $2,300 USD—not bad for a new bed, bedding, nightstands, dresser, shelving, curtains, curtain rods, lighting, accessories, paint, and wallpaper. A lot of beds at popular retailers cost nearly that much on their own, as you’re probably well aware.

After a month of hard work—installing wallpaper!—it’s great to hear that Kam is as happy about it as that sweet pup is:

I love how bright and welcoming it feels. Every time I enter our bedroom it makes me smile. Honestly, I would not change a thing!

Congrats to Kam and Gursheel on a job well done and a beautiful new bedroom!

Thank you, Kamaldeep kaur Jawanda of Get Kamfortable!


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