This Condo Remodel Was Inspired by Accidentally Buying a Too-Big Sofa — House Call

Name: Michelle, Brad and Broc the three-legged pooch
Location: Brooklyn, NYC
Size: 700 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, owned

Our apartment is home to my husband and I and our three-legged dog. We fell in love with the area because it was convenient to a lot of places we frequent but had a neighborhood-y feeling to it, which instantly made us feel like we were coming HOME.

We renovated before we moved in mainly because the day we closed we made our first BIG purchase, which was the gigantic sectional from ABC. Brad measured the length of the room incorrectly and when we realized our couch was going to be bigger than the living room, we had two choices. I went with tearing down the wall and pushing it back to accommodate the couch. It is where we relax, read, watch TV and take countless naps. So I made the right decision!

Once we tore down the wall the renovation spiraled and we replaced the kitchen counter, knocked down a cabinet, refinished the electric fireplace from stone to wood, re-tiled the bathroom, replaced the tub with a walk-in shower and painted every room to make this feel like our space.

Any advice for creating a home you love? Don’t be afraid to buy things you love even if they don’t make sense instantly. I’ve learned that if you love something (furniture, books, pillows, throws etc) you will always find room for it in your home.

Moving things around every season or year makes it feel like a different new space but with the same stuff you love.

Don’t be afraid of color! You live there. Nobody else. That’s all that matters.

Thanks, Michelle!

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