20 Creative Ideas for Decorating a Kid’s Bedroom

Adulting is overrated, for many reasons (laundry, bills, figuring out how to cancel plans without offending anyone). Another reason? Our rooms are so boring compared to when we were children. Kids bedrooms are vibrant, creative, and, at least these days, surprisingly styling. They’re designed to energize and inspire…who doesn’t want that? Whether you’re looking for a bit of an imaginative take for your own space or just actually have a youngin’s space to decorate, here are 20 child-friendly bedroom ideas brimming with some grownup design inspo.

1. Reading Rainbow: Turn your kid’s storage into a colorful bedroom centerpiece by arranging their books by spine color, like we saw on Allison and Jeff’s home tour. (We know this is a bit of a touchy topic amongst our bibliophile readers, but can we agree it works, at least, for children?)

2. Built-In Bunks: Built-in bed nooks, like these sweet bunk beds we spotted on Chris Loves Julia, offer a space-savvy alternative to bulky twin-sized bed frames. To take it to the next level, create a built-in reading nook along the same wall.

3. Crib Color Coordination: The colors in nurseries are usually soft and muted, but if you prefer something punchier, take notes from Natalie and Scott’s home tour. Try layering bold prints and patterns in the same color palette and having some fun with art.

4. Hand-painted Headboards: Cute headboards can be pricey, especially when you need two for a shared room. The good folks at Homes To Love have a great idea: use masking tape to paint fun faux headboards on the walls—and simply paint over them when the kid’s want a change.

5. Pennants, Please: An eye-catching banner moonlights as a colorful canopy for a low-lying four poster bed, like we saw on Laura’s home tour.

6. Fun Stuff: Even if faux taxidermy isn’t for you as an adult, you have to admit these mounted stuffed animal heads in this room from Domino are too cute to ignore, right?

7. Pare Down: Should you already have storage elsewhere (say, in a playroom or in cubbies in the closet), a single bedside stool is all your kid’s room needs by way of nightstand. And as seen on A Cup of Jo, add some swing arm sconces to score some extra space in a shared room.

8. Space Station: A clean-lined floating desk, like this wall-mounted one inside Kenzie’s room, creates extra room to color and store stuff—without taking up any precious floor space.

9. Play Forts FTW: Upgrade a makeshift sheet fort by pulling inspriation from this space via Mokkasin: This plush play nook for your little ones is just piled up blankets and floor pillows paired with a bed canopy.

10. Map Matters: An old-school map of the world, like the vintage one we saw in Finn’s room, doubles as a colorful (and educational) work of art when prominently placed in a kid’s bedroom.

11. Gimme Shelter: A tree house-inspired twin bed transforms a bare kid’s room into a fun-filled fortress in no time, from A Beautiful Mess.

12. Star Power: Turn a kid’s room into a sleep-inducing sanctuary with nothing more than dark blue wall paint and some glow-in-the-dark star stickers. See the rest of the fun ideas from this room over on IKEA.

13. Big Kid Bed: An oversize bed frame with round corners, like this extendable one we spotted on YC Chen’s home tour, provides plenty of room to rest and play while staying child-friendly.

14. Chalk it Up: Cover an empty bedroom wall with a fresh coat of chalkboard paint and voila: your kids will be entertained for weeks. Bonus points if you pair it with a scandi-inspired play kitchen like Room to Bloom did here.

15. Well Read: Picture ledges are great for so many things around the home, and in a kids room, our favorite use, as seen here on Rue Mag, is to store books while using their fun and colorful covers as art.

16. Mini Minimalism: If you thought there was no such thing as a minimalist-style kid’s room, then think again. A simple all-white bedroom complete with colorful graphics and clean-lined furnishings, like these simple bunk beds from Sonia and Ibán’s home tour, offers plenty of creative inspo (sans the distractions).

17. Blushing Beauty: A soft palette of pale pink, like Kaitlyn’s blush bedroom on House of Hawkes, offers the right amount of color without overpowering a more subdued space.

18. Chill Out: Here’s another minimalist-style room, this time in the home of Erin and Creighton Barrett: Black, gray and white graphic prints set a soothing vibe without sacrificing an inch of style.

19. Look Up: Vivi and Brigette’s bedroom is a great example of a cohesive shared space: the key is to create unique areas for each child while keeping the color story the same throughout (in this case a white bed/crib and black accent furniture).

20. Wonder Wall: Fashion a single statement wall in your kid’s bedroom with some bold—but washable—wallpaper, like we saw in Oscar’s room.



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