Easter Sunday

Happy Monday! Nella asked last night, “Please, can we have Easter again tomorrow?” And I couldn’t agree more, although I feel so filled up from our replenishing weekend, Monday doesn’t feel quite as daunting as it usually does.

With Easter falling on April Fool’s Day this year, Lainey pranked the family and smeared Nutella all over the toilet paper roll and the seat of the toilet in the main bathroom which was lovely, but I’ll spare you a photo. Also lovely: Gary showed up to the breakfast table as the Easter Bunny with the only bunny mask we have.

You’re welcome.

On to our holiday favorites this year.

I picked up these little nests at Michael’s a couple weeks ago for our finished colored eggs, and I love the simple colorful centerpiece they made for our Easter breakfast table.

Setting the table for a holiday is like therapy for me–an invitation to take my love of nurturing with my love of holidays and marry them together in a ceremony of linens, silverware and centerpieces. It doesn’t have to be over the top. There’s just something about the blank canvas of an empty table that gets me excited. Lainey said it best the other morning when she was helping me choose between all white dishes or mix-and-match: “I love choosing stuff, Mom. It’s fun.”

I wanted to use my deviled egg platter for breakfast but obviously didn’t want to eat deviled eggs in the morning, so I tried making mini egg-shaped streusel coffee cakes in silicone egg baking molds, and I’m so happy with how they turned out. A bowl of cinnamon butter made it complete.

I used this old recipe (I used to make this as a teenager when it was on the back of the Bisquick box) but doubled the streusel topping.

The Easter Bunny filled most of our eggs this year with puzzle pieces that the kids put together to find the location of their Easter baskets.

Dash has been talking for weeks about how excited he was about the possibility of a chocolate bunny in his basket. It did not disappoint.

Another favorite this year: Lainey got Mad Libs in her Easter basket, so we played it at the breakfast table–and, of course, when you play with mature adults like us who answer “butt” and “bra” for noun suggestions, the stories are hilarious. Even Nella and Dash were cracking up.

Let’s just say if Christ rose and our took sins, he left our childishness to keep us just a little bit naughty.

Where we failed on new traditions last year, we made up this year. The kids love the cascarones.

We finished the day off with a big family lunch and swimming.

A few more moments from our celebration…

Tucking all those colors and love and family time away as fuel for this week. Happy Monday!

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One thought on “Easter Sunday

  1. Those are lovely family photos! I usually like reading your posts because I am a bit of a property fanatic but I like that you have done a family blog.

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