Get Your Pin Board Ready: 14 Dreamy Backyards in the City

Outdoor spaces in the city always feel particularly precious — like a little green jewel in the midst of all the gray. Most of us will probably never be lucky enough to live in a townhouse with a tiny, lush backyard, but fortunately, looking at other people’s backyards is completely free. Here are 14 gorgeous backyard green spaces in the city.

Above: When I look at this backyard design by Sawyer Berson, I can almost hear the sound of the fountain. What better place to relax after a stressful day?

From T Magazine, the ultimate luxury: your own balcony looking out over your own backyard.

Tall trees add a dreamy element to this Manhattan backyard from Dwell.

The separate, square planter areas add a bit of a formal element to this city backyard from Foras Studio, but also provide a place to wander.

Greenery softens the edges of this small Manhattan backyard, spotted on Vogue Living.

This backyard from Gardenista has a bit of a wilder aspect, but is no less inviting. The vegetable garden makes this space both pretty and practical.

Lush greenery creates a lovely contrast to a modern townhome addition by Resolution: 4 Architecture.

This side yard from Planete Deco looks like an inviting spot to while away an afternoon.

With the right design, even an especially narrow backyard can be inviting, as evidenced by this project from Garden Club London, via Houzz.

In this backyard spotted on Desire to Inspire, there’s space for entertaining, but also room to wander.

Seen from above, this city backyard from Foras Studio is an inviting green oasis.

Starting up at the trees in this Brooklyn backyard from Gardenista, you could almost forget you’re in the city entirely.

This leafy Brooklyn backyard from Gardenista is both modern and calming.

This backyard from We Design isn’t quite as fancy as some of the others—but the lush lawn and overarching trees make it no less inviting. That kid sprawled out on the grass has got the right idea.


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