We’re Hiring!

Fun news: Design Mom is hiring! We’re looking for an SEO Pro and an Editorial Assistant to join our team. Both are part-time, virtual positions — meaning you can work from anywhere. : )

Design Mom is a multi-media company based in Oakland/San Francisco, centered around our award-winning daily women’s lifestyle site and best-selling book. We cover design, parenting, travel, food, style, and DIY/crafts. We have a community of more than 400,000 unique readers per month — exceptionally smart women, who are deeply engaged with the site. In the next few months, we’ll be celebrating our 12th anniversary and launching a reader-requested podcast.


Do you dream of the best SEO keywords? Do you eat Yoast forms for breakfast? Can you seamlessly add keywords to an old post like a freaking ninja? Yes? Then we would like to hire you for this brand new position.

The job:
Improve SEO on 10 posts per week for Design Mom.

Responsibilities include using Google analytics to identify the top 300 archived posts on Design Mom; systematically updating 10 posts per week — a mix of current and archived posts; identifying the top keyword choice for each post; filling out the Yoast form for each post based on the chosen keyword; making sure the chosen keyword appears in each post wherever appropriate; reformatting each post to include H1 & H2 headings; adding affiliate links to each post where appropriate; making any other needed updates to each post before hitting republish; using Google analytics to track republished posts to see if they are ranking better on search and reporting improvements; as well as staying current on SEO trends and changes.

About the ideal candidate:

– A true SEO Pro that can confidently tackle the assignment, and fill in our team’s gaps in SEO knowledge.
– At least 2 years experience handling SEO for other clients.
– Efficient and responsible.
– Loves blogs and blogging.
– A quick, practiced writer who really understands the point of working on SEO.
– Ready to dive right in, problem solve, and reach goals.



The editorial assistant is a key member of our team, handling both editorial and administrative type tasks. Responsibilities include attending story meetings and generating original ideas for posts; writing some posts; scouting products for stories and round-ups; resizing and uploading photos; producing content for social channels; as well as a grab bag of other assignments. This position also has full-time potential.

About the ideal candidate:

– 1-3 years of editorial experience, ideally at a lifestyle magazine or website.
– Avid reader, and explorer of the Internet; curious about everything.
– Able to generate new and fascinating ideas for posts across all Design Mom categories.
– Able to scout anything and everything — like house tours, or experts in any field.
– Open, honest, nonjudgmental, conversational writing style.
– Quick learner. Eager to take a project and run with it.
– Get it done attitude; no task beneath him or her.
– Organized with a strong attention to detail.
– Understanding of the Design Mom look and feel.


Both are virtual positions — you can be located anywhere! Both are also flexible, part-time positions, approximately 20 hours per week, with some fun perks (like coveted Alt Summit tix). The Editorial Assistant position has the potential to become full-time. Hourly rate of both positions will match experience.

To apply for the SEO Pro position:
If you read the list of responsibilities and thought: “Yep, yep, yep, I know how to do all of that and I’m really good at it,” we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to designmom@designmom.com with the subject line: I’M AN SEO PRO. Let us know what kind of SEO experience you’ve had. If you’ve been able to improve search traffic results for another company, and have numbers to share, even better.

To apply for the Editorial Assistant Role:
Please email designmom@designmom.com, subject line: YOUR NEW EDITORIAL ASSISTANT, with a letter about yourself, a résumé, links to your website/blog/Instagram, 5 ideas for posts or series that you think would be a great fit for Design Mom, and 10 links that would fit well into a Design Mom Friday link list. Please also include two writing samples.


We’ll be reviewing the applications over this week and next, and will be in touch shortly after that. Thank you so much for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you! Know someone who would be perfect for this position? Be sure to share this post with them.

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