You’ll Never Believe this Paris Apartment is only 194 Square Feet

When I saw the pictures of this apartment I immediately knew who the designer was, because only one person could make an apartment this small look this good. Parisian designer Marianne Evennou specializes in turning tiny apartments into tiny, perfect jewel boxes, and this little space, measuring a mere 18 square meters (or 194 square feet) is no exception.

When you walk in the apartment’s front door, the first space you enter is the hallway. A hallway may seem like a strange use of space in such a small apartment, but Evennou felt that it was crucial. "The hallway serves as a buffer between the outside world and your personal space," she says. "Besides, you can store things there so they do not clutter up the living quarters." (There’s a discreet closet that opens to the hallway; in the photo below, its sleek doors are just barely visible to the right of the bathroom door, hidden in the paneling.)

Just as a painted-on runner distinguishes the hallway, the teensy kitchen has its own patterned tile flooring. This distinguishes the respective spaces, despite their small size, and gives the apartment a further tailored, custom feel. While re-tiling or painting the floor or your small apartment is not always an option, you can steal the look for your own home by using rugs to demarcate different spaces.

Another idea worth stealing for your home is Evennou’s light hand with furniture. Besides a built-in secretary, the only significant pieces of furniture are a petite dining table and the daybed (which also functions as a bed bed). The judicious use of furniture—and the consistent color scheme—ensure that despite its small size, the apartment still feels stylish and spacious. For 194 square feet, that’s a real feat.

To see more of this apartment, check out the full tour at AD Russia. You can see more of Marianne Evennou’s work at her website.


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