Round Rattan Bag 4 Ways

I’ve determined the It Bag of the summer is a chic round rattan bag, popping up on sites and in stores everywhere and fitting in nicely with my summer dreams of picnicking, strolling beach docks and looking chicer than I ever will in real life. I mean, the jig is up–I’m the girl who drags toilet paper from her shoe. A girl can dream though, and dreams for this chic rattan bag come in so many flavors because this bag is a blank canvas begging to be jazzed up with accessories and colors. As for the bag itself, I fell in love with this one and this one but didn’t want to pay that much, so I found this one for $30, and it’s perfect.

Now comes the fun part–accessorizing. Four easy ways to transform your bag:

So quick and easy to switch out and depending what scarf you choose, you can make the bag take an elegant vibe or make it summery and fun (like this kid version with multiple gingham scarves).

This was really just a way to slip in my Shrinky Dink obsession, but still–I love it! Inspired by this project we did last year, we made three fruit tags and tied them on with a little string.

Want to step it up a notch?

Looks like a totally new bag. We dug through our craft bins to find some pom-poms and stitched them on with a needle and some embroidery floss. The basket weave of the rattan makes it easy to slip needles in and out, and just a few stitches held our pom-poms in place. If you want to change it up again, you can clip the stitches out and start from scratch–which you’ll totally want to do because there’s one more transformation…a full rainbow.

This one is, of course, my favorite and surprisingly didn’t take long at all. I used a thicker needle with a bigger eye so I could thread chunky rainbow yarn through. The needle is a little more blunt but still poked through the inside lining of the bag without a problem. I started each color arc securing a knot on the inside of the bag and threading the needle in and out of the bag 4-5 times to hold the shape of the rainbow arc and securing another knot on the inside. Repeat with each color.

Only one thing left to do–fill the bag with used wadded Kleenex, capless lip balms, snack crumbs, loose dimes, Band-Aids that fell out of their wrappers and a pen with no ink to make it mom ready. Let’s go.

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