Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

This post is brought to you by While this was a sponsored opportunity, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. Lord knows I love me some T.J.Maxx.

One of my favorite gifts to give for any occasion is a big ol’ basket filled with love. Not only do they look pretty (no wrapping necessary!), but they’re so much fun to put together–searching for little treasures that perfectly represent the recipient. And while the pressure of finding that one big perfect gift for someone can feel overwhelming, there’s something about treasure hunting for what to fill a basket with that is a doable creative challenge.

So when T.J.Maxx asked me to create some Mother’s Day gifts for some women in my life using (What? You can shop T.J.Maxx online?! YASSS!), I went right for the baskets because T.J.Maxx is one of my favorite places to go treasure hunting, and they’ve never failed me in providing rows and rows of unique treasures to select from when I’m filling baskets. I have a T.J.Maxx method–start with the home aisles, move to beauty products, slide through handbags to get to shoes, and end in jewelry. Now, I can do it at home from my desk!

Before I fill my baskets, I’ll tell you my favorite T.J.Maxx secret finds.

  1. Big statement rings. I have a couple big artsy rings that always get compliments, and T.J.Maxx is my secret source (so many good ones on their site right now!).
  2. Coffee table and design books. I geek out when I find stunning inexpensive gift books.
  3. Beauty. I’ve found so many brands I already love as well as great beauty and bath items for travel at T.J.Maxx.

For Mother’s Day, I picked three special moms in my life I wanted to honor, and once I started clicking around, I found so many perfect gifts that represented each unique personality. The baskets easily came together on their own.

The baskets I used were less than $20 and were the perfect size to hold and display a collection of gifts. Bonus: They’re perfect for being repurposed for home storage.

Each basket included one of these frames which I’ve been buying from T.J.Maxx for years. I love the thin gold frame and clean white double mat. I had photos I had taken of each of my mom friends’ families, so the frames made a nice personal touch in each basket.

The final basket themes:

Farmhouse Kitchen Basket – cloth napkins, apron, copper ladle, individual baking dishes, City Farmhouse Style coffee table book, framed family photo

Spiritual Solitude Basket – midnight clay teapot, journal, a book of short essays, candle, matches, framed photo, and I slipped in several wrapped teabags from my own collection

The Best Friend Basketclutch purse, cookbooks, planter (I potted a plant in it), framed family photo, journal. 

I love these individual sized baking dishes–perfect for a family night of little chicken pot pies.

My favorite thing about giving baskets is that the unveiling of treasure gets drawn out, and it takes a little time for the recipient to go through each little thing that was chosen just for them. Everything in these baskets captures the essence of each woman I love, and I can’t wait to celebrate them this Mother’s Day.

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