The Top 10 Tiny Houses For Sale Right Now

Whether you’re looking to downsize or are just engaging in a little couple’s therapy courtesy of online real estate listings, here’s a list you’ll love to browse. Redfin released their findings on the top ten tiny houses currently for sale in the U.S., and you can take a peek inside each one.

Real estate listing site Redfin tallied up the metros with the most tiny homes (which they define as single family residences under 600 square feet), and tallied the totals: Riverside, CA has the most tiny homes on the market, with 153 currently listed, followed by Phoenix (99), New York (86), Los Angeles (70) and Tampa (55).

To determine the most desired listings, the company turned to their favorites tool. Here are the ten tiny homes that topped the list:

At 240 square feet, this Joshua Tree adjacent place is the smallest on the list. It was built in 1957 and is for sale for $87,000.

This 456 square foot one bedroom in Monterey County sits on ten acres and comes with its own art barn for $499,000.

No inside pics of this one, here’s a 600 square foot three bedroom in San Diego for $459,900.

This charming 522 square foot coastal cottage is recently renovated and is on a lot large enough for expansion, for $475,000.

Here’s one outside of California: a lovely 508 square foot A-frame cabin that has two sleeping areas and an expansive deck, all for $208,000.

The colorful exterior belies a blank slate inside this 548 square foot one bedroom. You can add your own splash for $539,000.

This 470 square foot one bedroom in Mt Washington is a fixer upper for $465,000.

A 400 square foot one bedroom cabin is perfect for the person who loves nature (and has $229,000).

Sitting on ten-plus acres, this existing 400 square foot cabin and workshop hold tons of possibility, for $299,950.

And the most faved tiny home is this 580 square foot 2 bedroom in South Park. And for $309,950, it can be yours.


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