Before and After: An Outdated Kitchen Becomes Light and Airy

Although corgis (like the one in the picture above) make any home look more appealing, sometimes they can’t distract from the fact that a room could use a few updates. This kitchen’s floors, ceilings, counters, cabinetry, sink, and appliances were all removed and/or replaced to make way for something much better.

This major transformation was completed by Adrianna Adarme of A Cozy Kitchen, an avid cook, baker, and cookbook author who needed a kitchen that was equal parts practical, photogenic, clean and cozy.

Let’s quickly check out the full-length view of the “before”: Between the floors, counters, backsplash, and ceiling tiles, there are a lot of white squares happening all at once. The geometric green tiles have a bit of vintage cool, but is perhaps more suited for a bathroom than a kitchen. And as helpful as it can be to have a ceiling fan in the kitchen, this one doesn’t add a ton of beauty (no disrespect — I have similar ones in three rooms in my house).

A fair amount of destruction and construction was required to achieve the desired effect. Both walls featuring green tiles have been removed. You can also see that the dishwasher is now where the washing machine/laundry room wall was, and that gorgeous beam marks where the other wall and the curved doorway were. The new configuration means that the wall on the left is almost all windows, so the light flows from one area to the next, bouncing off the white walls and ceiling (so long, ceiling tiles!). The new floor allows the green cabinetry to shine, and you might be surprised that it’s actually made of a “tile that looks like whitewashed hardwood.”

And that new sink! It passes the Charlie on Blackish Farmhouse Sink Test: “I mean, if you can’t wash a pig in it, don’t even show it to me!”

This before photo really highlights all the competing right angles at play here—there are simply too many squares! However, that is a nice amount of storage, and I love the five-burner stove.

Now the tile is limited to the wall, its strict lines contrasting nicely with the marble countertops. According to Adrianna, the counters are made of “a slab that had a bit of green going throughout the marble,” which plays into the color of the cabinets. The new stove is an enviable beast, and the cooking area feels much roomier, as the range hood is so far above where the microwave used to be.

I love how subtle and pale everything is—even the stainless steel appliances read as a cool, shimmering grey—while that beam provides a rich, sturdy gravitas.

And here’s that darling corgi again, right at home in the fabulous new kitchen!

Thank you, Adrianna Adarme and A Cozy Kitchen!


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