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These SuperAdobe Homes Blend The Past and The Future

Utilizing primitive tactics to remedy a modern problem is undeniably smart, if you ask the designers behind this crop of SuperAdobe homes that comprise the CalEarth Institute, a non-profit organization in Hesperia, California. The odd-looking, cone-like structures originally served as a template for future human dwellings on the moon and Mars, but are now geared towards addressing a problem that’s

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A New Swedish Fitness Trend Combines Jogging and Picking Up Trash

Scandinavians have come up with a pretty awesome way to simultaneously whip the body and the planet into shape with an increasingly popular fitness trend referred to as plogging. A combination of the Swedish verbs for “to jog” and “to pick,” plogging is a cardio-boosting combo of jogging and picking up litter. According to the BBC, plogging appears to have

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9 Stores with the Best Decor Sales This Holiday Weekend

If you’ve been in the market for virtually anything home related, you’re bound to score an amazing deal—or two—this President’s Day weekend. We put our deal-finding goggles on and uncovered some pretty epic sales that may even rival those found on Black Friday. Check out our selections below, and expect to save some major coin! Literally hundreds of home finds

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Big Brother Is Watching Your Cat

Things cats love: boxes, sunshine and destroying your privacy online. In an effort to raise awareness as to just how much information we’re giving away on the internet, Florida State University professor Owen Mundy put together IKnowWhereYourCatLives.com. Mundy told THV11 that he was inspired to create the website after taking a photo of his daughter and posting it online. He

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